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When you’re looking for the hottest news, products, CBD Vape Juice Reviews and community discussions related to your world, News Leader Now is the only place you need 2 Go. There’s only one place to get all your information in condensed and easy to read format all in a single web destination.

Times when you had to scour the web for all the latest in groundbreaking vaping developments in technology and legislation are over. News Leader Now publishes original, intensely researched, fact checked information and makes it readily available to you, the people living it. Don’t wait for hearsay to be posted, confirm if the rumors are true at

How Do We Get Our Information?

News Leader Now sources the reports we post in a variety of ways. We rely on other journalistic sources, media and online resources both from our personal pasts and present. Community outreach and first-hand affiliates on the ground in every major city in the United States are a part of the News Leader Now network.

Additionally, we contract freelancers and independent journalists without ties to particular organizations. This way we gather the most objective, fact-based reporting to bring you honest, compelling, and essential data, analysis and digestible interpretation based on first-hand details. Our objective, isn’t just to spin a tale or tell a story, but to bring you the reality of insider knowledge in a conversational, easy to digest package.

Our expert extrapolation is informed by years of collective media, broadcasting and consumer experience. If it’s a story worth reading, is your destination for an undiluted, uninfluenced, unmitigated angle. Read your way around the top daily local and world news with a singular entity you can count on.

Are You Articles Written Exclusively by You?

News Leader Now’s research and creative teams write each article ourselves as a team acting as a check and balance on each other’s work. However, we welcome submissions from outside sources and independent contributors with a first-hand insight on stories they feel passionate about and possess a secondary or auxiliary view on. In our experience, without a fresh perspective on news stories, periodicals both in print and online can fall into a routine which makes the content dry, singularly sourced, opinionated and subjective which are in direct opposition to what this site is meant to provide.

We started News Leader Now to create a destination for news that rises above the common journalistic pitfalls. We source our material from independent writers, researchers, journalists and passionate experts who collect important stories and launch their own inquiries into the unfolding truths of their respective areas of their field or craft. In turn, we use our information gathering skills and personal algorithms to interpret which of it is written with integrity.

As a result, our readers are presented with the most comprehensively assembled and directly pertinent, relevant details that affect them. We take the boots on the ground and march them to your screen. Have a developing story News Leader Now is missing? Do you have authentic, genuine insight that you feel was overlooked by our team? Submit your view and give the facts the angle that’s been overlooked.

Why News Leader Now?

We understand there is a wealth of resources where you get your current events and honest, unbiased reporting. As a result, News Leader Now respects that you have a choice and we try to show our appreciation for making us your number one source. Accordingly, we reward our users with the most topical, trending and confirmed content crucial to staying informed about what’s happening in the halls of government, laboratories, and out in the streets beyond your door.

We strive to deliver powerful, worthwhile, relatable exposés consistent with the specificities and confirmed accounts of reporters and freelance aggregators. The articles we publish are dedicated to creating a forthright narrative of the way the stories of the day not only shape your everyday life, but the future as well. It began and remains our goal to exist as a trusted connection between the chronicles of the day and their role in our collective history as it unfolds.

We’re Your Go-To authority for a reliable scoop on where the markets, the laws, and your interests are headed. From the moment you wake up, to the second you fall asleep and everything in-between, our team is working around the clock to provide the most in-depth coverage to our users. We sort through the filler to bring 24-hour posting of important, meaningful, extensive reporting to you. 

Readers of Your Go-To understand that we hold ourselves to a higher standard, and the difference is in our research. We don’t offer information from a singular viewpoint, but rather a deductive composite of every aspect. In order to become the world’s first destination for objective news, we don’t simply compile facts collected from external resources, we interpret them based on their origin.

As a result, the advantage and perspective of News Network Now needn’t rely solely on convincing its readers. We present the facts, as they are and explain how they relate or may affect a broader international consequence, repercussion, or pending outcome of an event. Find out what’s happening, what you need to know, how it relates to you, and what the possible results are that will change the way you see the world as well as your changing role in it.

You’re Part Of News Network

Being a fundamental reference for gathered knowledge isn’t simply about to assembling and providing facts. For us, it’s about becoming your “go-to” resource for truthful, adaptive facilitation of current affairs. While we endeavor to be as accurate, principled and precise with our reporting as possible, the world is in a constant state of flux.

That said, if you find any part or fact of our content to be false, unfairly skewed, or reasonably flawed in any way, we want to hear from you. We couldn’t sustain News Leader Now without our readership. As such, your opinions, impressions and reactions to what’s happening from your perspective is valued greatly.


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